Welcome to the equipment, nutrition, and other items that make it all possible. Really and truly I do not use things I do not believe in. Everything on this list is there because it is what I prefer to ride, eat, or rep. Thanks for reading!

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Gravel Rig or something more?

This is Oizys, one of the Cosmic Stallions by All-City. She enjoys long walks in the dirt, adventures of all variety, and making you miss her. My review? I'm madly in love, so expect bias. Best gravel bike ever. Can I use her for road too? Find out and see my build by clicking below! 

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Meet Nyx. The woman of your dreams made by Salsa. The astounding amount of care put into the technology of this bicycle makes my eyes water. Split-Pivot for pedaling dampening, flip-chip for custom geometry, geometry and super boost for control and tight corners AND it holds two water bottles.  

About Me

Once upon a time there was a wee lad of 2 years, trolleying along in the woods, unable to keep up with his older sister because of the putrid training wheels on his rad Mongoose. Somehow this boy got it across to his father that training wheels are so last week, and that is how it all began.


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