Welcome to the equipment, nutrition, and other items that make it all possible. Really and truly I do not use things I do not believe in. Everything on this list is there because it is what I prefer to ride, eat, or rep. Thanks for reading!

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Gravel Rig or something more?

This is Oizys, one of the Cosmic Stallions by All-City. She enjoys long walks in the dirt, adventures of all variety, and making you miss her. My review? I'm madly in love, so expect bias. Best gravel bike ever. Can I use her for road too? Find out and see my build by clicking below! 

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Meet Nyx. The woman of your dreams made by Salsa. The astounding amount of care put into the technology of this bicycle makes my eyes water. Split-Pivot for pedaling dampening, flip-chip for custom geometry, geometry and super boost for control and tight corners AND it holds two water bottles.