About Me

Once upon a time there was a wee lad of 2 years, trolleying along in the woods, unable to keep up with his older sister because of the putrid training wheels on his rad Mongoose. Somehow this boy got it across to his father that training wheels are so last week, and that is how it all began. 13 years of mountain bike, cyclocross, and road racing stacked up on my 5'2" 90lb frame. I began to wear down. Enter torn ACL from stage left! As horrible as the six months of rehab were, I was grateful for my first break from cycling. I know, what a heathen. This trend stuck and I picked up running, in spite of it being an atrocity. One could try to keep me off a bike, stop the tides, make bad tasting cheese, or any other scientifically impossible thing... but woe be to them. After a "recovery ride" during which the San Marcos legs smashed me to bits, I was back on the horse and more addicted than ever before. Since then, some brain development had occurred and my approach to cycling changed. Instead of focusing on results, speed, or power, I have forged a new creed. To have fun, go fast, and stay kind. Do these things and the rest will follow. 

Most people join the cycling community because of injury, seeking a low impact path to recovery. Others join because it is a fun, long-term way to keep the Thanksgiving rolls at bay. I do it for the sensation of speed, adventure, and competitive scratch. In addition to my personal motivations for riding, I love that cycling opens up wicked possibilities for society as a whole. The cutdown on traffic, elimination of green house emissions, improved brain function, and easing some of the weight off the healthcare system are but a few of the benefits gained in the larger picture. Cycling can and will change your life in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Your improved health is probably the main benefit from getting on a bike but has anyone mentioned that if you ride you can eat more ice cream guilt-free? You could come up with wild meta-physics ideas like Einstein did while cycling, securing your place in the history books for eons to come. So many good things. On a more serious note the best friends and adventures I have had, and will ever have, came from pedaling around and having a blast. These are some of the reasons I ride and YOU SHOULD TOO!


When not riding, discussing, cleaning, fixing, or drooling over bikes, I have another life. I fight fire full time, a job I fell in love with after dropping out of school. I am dating and am madly in love with the gorgeous, intelligent, tenacious, and speedy Celine (click here to check out her blog!). I consume lots of Sci-Fi and fantasy writing, recommendations please!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. As always, remember to have fun, go fast, and stay kind.